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Saudi Al-Ula Governorate hosts ALECSO meetings

Saudi Arabia, France intensifies meetings to discuss cooperation on developing Al-Ula

Al-Ula Governorate, northwest of Saudi Arabia, will host, with the participation of 21 Arab countries, the meetings of the 116th regular session of the Executive Council of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science “ALECSO” during the period January 25-27.

 Council members and state representatives will discuss many topics that serve the objectives of ALECSO in the Arab world and develop the organization’s work fields in the countries of the region.

It is expected that ALECSO Executive Council meetings, which are being held in Al-Ula Governorate for the second time in the history of the Kingdom, after it was held in Taif 42 years ago, specifically in 1979, will discuss some issues related to the future of the organization.

Cultural bridges between peoples

According to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”, this meeting comes about 6 months after the Saudi presidency of the ALECSO Executive Council.

 Saudi Arabia is working with the organization to contribute to achieving its goals and joint work among the Arab countries, which reflects Saudi Arabia’s interest and leadership in developing the fields of education, culture, and science.

Al-Ula’s hosting of ALECSO Executive Council meetings constitutes an important dimension in which a number of the organization’s work areas intersect with the historical, civilizational, and cultural status of the Al-Ula governorate, which constitutes a forum for ancient civilizations.

AlUla is a millennia-old historical museum that houses natural wonders, historical sites, and archaeological landmarks that have been preserved over the centuries.

52 years since the founding of the organization

It is noteworthy that the relationship between Saudi Arabia and ALECSO extends back to 52 years from the establishment of the organization, and recently witnessed remarkable activity with some activities related to the work of the organization.

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