Saudi Air Navigation achieves ranks second globally in airspace management

The  (CANSO), in cooperation with the Magazine (ATM Magazine), announced that the Saudi Air Navigation Services Company won second place in the world in the Airspace Management Award for 2022.


The major international companies specializing in air navigation competed for this position.


Basically, this achievement is an affirmation of the development of the aviation sector in the Kingdom.


The goals of Saudi air navigation


Basically, this achievement is the first fruit of the new Saudi air navigation strategy


It aims to become the best global air navigation service and an international leader.


The aviation sector in the Kingdom also aims to become the first sector in the Middle East and reach 300 million passengers.


It seeks to raise the capacity of air freight to 4.5 million tons.

KSA aims to raise the level of air connectivity to reach 250 destinations.

Saudi Aeronautics Project


The Saudi Air Navigation Services Company won second place for its project.

The project is titled (Double Air Traffic Management System to Ensure Business Continuity).


The final list included 4 companies out of more than 80 companies that competed for the award.


The project (Dual Air Traffic Management System to Ensure Business Continuity) is one of the company’s important projects.


KSA established the air traffic management system in the two air control centers in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Each center works as a ready alternative to the other in emergency situations.


The Saudi Air Navigation Services Company conducted two experiments to verify the efficiency of emergency arrangements.

it also tries to confirm the operations, procedures, and capabilities of the systems in the control centers.


Both trials excellently confirmed the applicability of operational processes, system business continuity technology, and operational arrangements with no significant impact on safety.


The awards presented aim to encourage pioneering concepts and recognize the significant achievements of leaders, initiatives, and organizations in the aviation industry.


This victory embodies the important international position enjoyed by the civil aviation sector in the Kingdom.


It translates the attention focused on air safety and the efficiency of the performance of air traffic controllers.


It is mentioned here that the company manages the Saudi airspace, maintains air traffic safety, and plays an important and essential role in securing and ensuring the safety of aircraft movement.

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