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Riyadh to Host Internet Governance Forum IGF 2024

The United Nations chose Riyadh to host the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in its 19th session at the King Abdulaziz International Convention Center, during the period from 15 to 19 December 2024.

Global experts will participate in the forum to discuss and formulate international trends and policies on the latest developments in Internet governance and agree on them in a participatory manner between Governments, the private sector and the non-profit sector.

Leadership in Digital Inclusion

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawaha, confirmed that the Kingdom is leading international efforts to increase digital inclusion, bridge the gap around the world, and contribute to building a prosperous and inclusive digital economy for all, in light of the unlimited support that the sector receives from the wise leadership.

Role of Digital Infrastructure

On his part, the Governor of the Digital Government Authority, Eng. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Suwayyan, pointed out that the United Nations’ selection of the city of Riyadh to organize this global forum embodies the pioneering role of the Kingdom and its efforts in maximizing the impact of digital infrastructure to achieve sustainable development goals and serve communities and business sectors. The confidence of international organizations in the Kingdom’s ability to host the largest international exhibitions and conferences confirms its role as an advanced country in the field of communications, information technology and digital government, and its superiority in many fields in accordance with the programs and initiatives of Saudi Vision 2030.

Forum Overview and Participation

The forum brings together more than 160 countries, with the participation of more than1,000 speakers from international experts and specialists. It will also hold more than 300 sessions and workshops, in addition to the launches, awards and cooperative agreements that will be witnessed during its five days. The workshops will include exchange of expertise, experiences, success stories, and best practices in public policy issues related to the Internet in order to shape the future of the Internet and technology as well as building a safe digital future for all.

Saudi Arabia’s Digital Achievements

It is noteworthy that Riyadh’s hosting of this forum comes at a time when the Kingdom is experiencing qualitative progress by achieving many achievements in international indicators and reports. The Kingdom ranked second in the digital competitiveness index among the G20 countries, according to the report of the European Center for Digital Competitiveness. It ranked third globally among (198) countries in the Digital Government Maturity Index issued by the World Bank Group. It also ranked fourth globally in the Digital Regulatory Readiness Report issued by the International Telecommunication Union.

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