Rheumatology Consultant Talks about Benefits of Fasting on Immune System

Dr. Diaa Hussein, a rheumatology consultant, talked about the benefits of fasting on the immune system. He has elucidated the significance of fasting in boosting the body’s immunity, making it one of the most important means of combating various diseases, especially those with an autoimmune nature.

Benefits of Fasting on Immune System: Stimulating Immune Response During Fasting

Dr. Hussein explains that fasting stimulates the immune system to produce new cells, replacing those cells affected by aging. This occurs as a result of the body entering a state of severe hunger. In response, it seeks energy through various means, including the disposal of dead or damaged cells that the body no longer needs.

Benefits of Fasting on Immune System: Positive Impact on Rheumatic Diseases

Fasting has positive repercussions on all patients. It leads to an increase in the concentration of endorphins in the blood, known for their effective role in pain relief. Consequently, joint pain decreases, and there’s an improvement in morning stiffness, pain, joint swelling, and a reduction in erythrocyte sedimentation rate (which is elevated in arthritis).

New Research Insights

Recently published research in the journal “Nature Metabolism” has shed light on significant positive changes occurring in the body during fasting. This study, involving 12 volunteers, required them to abstain from consuming anything except water for an entire week. The study aimed to unveil the effects of fasting on the molecular level. Researchers discovered a decrease in the protein SWAP70, associated with rheumatoid arthritis, explaining the fasting’s positive impact on joint pain relief.

Global Studies and Findings

Dr. Hussein cites several international studies linking fasting with improved rheumatic conditions. A British study revealed that regular fasting alone could alleviate the pain of most individuals suffering from chronic joint inflammation. Moreover, fasting is considered a potent and effective method for relieving arthritis symptoms and boosting the body’s immune system.

Impact on Osteoporosis Patients

Also, fasting benefits osteoporosis patients. This will happen if they adhere to prescribed medications and engage in suitable exercises, especially walking for at least 30 minutes daily. It is advisable to perform this exercise after Taraweeh prayers to prevent the patient from feeling fatigued.

Fasting as Therapeutic Approach

The studies and insights presented by Hussein underscore the therapeutic potential of fasting in managing rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis. It does not only enhance immune function but also alleviates symptoms, offering hope and relief to patients globally.

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