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Qatar issues a statement condemning the Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the bombing of King Abdullah Airport in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, which injured civilians.

“The State of Qatar expresses its strong disapproval and denunciation of the targeting of King Abdullah Airport in the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which resulted in the damage of people,” the Qatari Foreign Ministry stated in a statement.

“Targeting civilian sites and important facilities is a dangerous act of sabotage against civilians that breaches all international norms and regulations,” the ministry said, emphasizing Qatar’s clear stance against violence and criminal and sabotage activities, whatever their motivations and causes.

The Arab coalition said yesterday that it had destroyed a march aimed at King Abdullah Airport, disclosing that the jet was launched from Sanaa International Airport and was targeting civilians.

After the drone was stopped, shrapnel fell inside King Abdullah Airport in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, injuring four bystanders.

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