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Putin congratulates the Russian military on the anniversary of the 77th Victory Day

Putin's Seven Key Messages at the victory parade in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech on the Red Square in Moscow today, saying that Russia gave the aggressor a preemptive confrontation, as the decision was fateful for a strong, sovereign and independent country. He stressed that the defense of the homeland is always sacred. 

Putin said that NATO countries did not want to hear from Russia, which means that they had other plans, there were preparations for a military operation in the Donbass, and in Kyiv they began to talk about the need to obtain nuclear weapons, as a result of which a direct threat appeared to Russia and on its borders.He hopes that the horror of the world war would not happen again. 

Putin said that the death of every soldier is a pity for all of the Russian and he will do everything to help their families and children, because they gave their lives for Russia. Fighters of Russia and of different nationalities are always cooperating side by side in the battle, defending each other, and this is the real strength of Russia. 

The military parade is preceded by General Oleg Solikov, who conducts the military orchestra, which sets the pace and rhythm of the march of the elements of the participating units, with the solemn military parade. 

After the departure of the Russian Army Orchestra from the arena, the military vehicles started to enter. Then the following military vehicles advanced ,the Soviet T-34 tank, columns of Typhoon military vehicles, BMP2 and BMP3 armored vehicles, a convoy of T-90 tanks and T-14 “Armata” tanks, various “Tornado” missile systems and “TORM2″ ,”Buk-M3” tactical anti-aircraft missile system, S-400 air defense missile systems, known as “Triumph” Tiger M armored vehicles and various BMP infantry transport vehicles, as well as Yaris missile systems. At last the military parade ends with the military teams leaving the square. 

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