New Corona vaccines to arrive at the Kingdom: SFDA

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) revealed to, in an update on the new Coronavirus vaccines in the country, that there is a new group of vaccines that arrived in Saudi Arabia that are subject to study and evaluation, and their approval will be announced soon.

The authority added: “The use of the two doses of the Corona vaccine, separated by a period of not less than 21 days and not more than 42 days, is based on which vaccines are registered in the country.

The authority also pointed out that there is a recently published medical study indicating that the first dose of the “Pfizer” vaccine is effective, but this study alone is not sufficient to support the use of only one dose. “

On the other hand, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that the total number of people receiving Coronavirus vaccine doses in Saudi Arabia exceeded 5 million doses, through more than 500 vaccine centers in all regions of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Health called on everyone to initiate registration in the “My Health” application to obtain the Corona vaccine, to preserve the health and safety of all members of society, stressing at the same time the need to adhere to the precautionary measures; To limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

This comes as the Saudi Ministry of Health warned on Sunday of an increase in infections with the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), indicating that the lack of commitment and complacency in precautions were reflected in the number of daily and critical cases, which became similar to the numbers recorded in mid-April of last year.

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