NEOM’s Scholarship Program Students Celebrated in Chicago

NEOM, the ambitious smart city project in Saudi Arabia, has been making waves not only in urban development but also in education. A shining example of its commitment to fostering talent is the NEOM Scholarship Program, designed to empower the brightest young minds from the local community. The event, held in Chicago, celebrated the success of 130 participants from the 2023 Scholarship Program and was led Nadhmi Al-Nasr, NEOM’s CEO.

From Tabuk to Top Universities: The Journey Begins

Accordingly, in a significant step, NEOM sent the first batch of around 50 students to the United States to pursue their degrees​​. These students, recipients of the NEOM Scholarship Program, began their academic journey at prestigious American universities after completing their freshman year at Fahad Bin Sultan University in Tabuk Province.

Celebrating Achievements in Chicago

Moreover, a special event was recently held in Chicago to celebrate the successes of these scholarship students. This gathering was not only a testament to the students’ hard work and dedication but also a reflection of NEOM’s commitment to investing in the future leaders of its smart city project.

A Diverse and Ambitious Cohort

Additionally, the Scholarship Program targets recent secondary school graduates from the local community in the NEOM project zones. The program aims to develop these students’ academic capabilities at some of the top 100 universities around the world​​. This initiative is also part of NEOM’s larger vision to develop its 16 core sectors. The fields range from energy, water to biotech and media.

The Impact of the Scholarship Program

The impact of the NEOM Scholarship Program is far-reaching. By providing opportunities for local talent to study abroad, NEOM is preparing a generation of well-educated and skilled professionals. These individuals will play a crucial role in driving forward the various sectors of NEOM’s ambitious smart city project.

Chicago Event: A Milestone Celebration

Furthermore, Chicago event highlighted the global dimension of the project. It did not only celebrate the students’ academic achievements but also underscored the importance of international collaboration in education and professional development.

As the project continues to evolve, the success of its scholarship program in nurturing global talent is a promising sign. The Chicago event was more than a celebration; it was a showcase of the bright future that NEOM is building, one student at a time.

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