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Natural touristic destination you will not believe in Saudi Arabia!

Whoever does not wander in Saudi Arabia will not believe that it has places comparable to the most beautiful countries in the world, and its regions abound from north to south with various forms of beautiful nature. The following are some of the Saudi places worth visiting:

Qandal Forest

The Qandal Forest is filled with mangroves trees, which are interspersed with waterways and bays.

The Qandal Forest is located in the north of the island of Forsan.

Asir beaches

Asir beaches are distinguished by the diverse coral reefs.

Asir beaches have a pleasant springy atmosphere, and they are characterized by diversified coral reefs.

Al-Barak Governorate and Al-Qahma and Al-Haridah centers in Asir are characterized by beautiful marine views, as they attract flamingos to their white sands and turquoise waters, and the forests covered with species of shrubs are wrapped around them.

Farasan Islands

Farasan Islands located in the south of the Red Sea

Farasan Islands, is an archipelago located in the south of the Red Sea, and follows the Jazan region in the southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Of the most important islands of the archipelago: Farasan, Al-Suwaid, Qamah, Damsak, Zaffah, Doshk, Kira and Salouba. Also, Farasan contains many monuments, the most prominent of which are: the Portuguese Fort, Green Buildings, Najdi Mosque, Wadi Matar, Manzil Al-Rifai, House of Jarmal, Al-Kadmi and Qalman Luqman and Al-Ardhi.

Umluj Beach

Umluj beach close to palm trees

Umluj Beach has golden sands and clear blue waters close to palm trees. One of the most beautiful beaches of Saudi Arabia, Umluj beaches.

Kedmpl Island

There is a mountain that reserves space for it on the island of Kedmpl.

It is one of the islands located in the Red Sea, and it is affiliated to the center of Al-Qahma, which currently belongs to the Asir region in southwestern Saudi Arabia. It is embracing a mountain. The latter occupies a large area of it, and it is considered a destination for fishing enthusiasts.

This island attests to the migratory falcons passing up the mountain.

The Black Mountain “Al Gabal Al Asoad”

“Al Gabal Al Asoad” is more likely to be named by this name, because of its thick vegetation that gives it black color from far away.

The name “Al Gabal Al Asoad” is more likely to be named by this name, because of its dense vegetation, which gives it a black color to its viewer from a distance, and takes the form of an arc starting from the north to bend towards the east at the highest peak in it.


Al-Souda in Abha overlooks Tihama.

Al-Souda is located in the city of Abha, and it overlooks the Tihama region, and therefore magnifiers were installed in some parts of it, as views to see the wonderful views of these valleys and neighboring villages.

Halban Valley

Wadi Halban is a grazing area

The Halban Valley in Jizan is a grazing area, and the reason for its name “Halban” is due to camels and sheep that, if shepherded in this region, are filled with milk, as the area is known for its fertility and the density of its trees. It was coveted by many Arab tribes, considering it a first-class grazing area.

Madain Saleh

Mada’in Saleh includes 153 carved rock facades

Madain Saleh Al-Ula is an archaeological site that includes 153 carved rock facades, in addition to a number of Islamic monuments, which are represented in the castles and remains of the Hijaz railway, which extends for 13 kilometers, as well as the station and locomotives.

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