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Mohammed Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi, the best way to achieve success

Starting from a mobile car designed by the “father and founder”, moving between the cities of the Kingdom and its suburbs, to the largest companies in the world and strongest global brand.

 Abdul Samad Al Qurashi planted a giant empire that made him the first in the world, and the secret of continuous success is the cohesion of his sons in development and continuity raising the slogan of reaching the summit is easy but preserving it is the hardest.

The beginning, as his son Muhammad Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi says, on one of the satellite meetings was In 1932, when the father Sheikh Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi  purchased a car and designed it in order to be able to display and market products between cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 After that he opened a small perfume store near the Grand Mosque in Makkah; Where he focused on the acquisition of rare flowers and herbs with good scents, and was able – by mixing them – to create distinctive and unique aromatic mixtures.

Muhammad Al-Qurashi says “my father made sure to take me to learn the arts of commerce; a small mobile car was assigned to me for his activity; to move it between the cities of the Kingdom; to introduce customers to his products.

And after my father passed away, we and my four siblings, Muhammad, Anas, Zuhair and Ehsan, continued to manage the activity, hoping to expand it and bring it to the world.

For years, the brothers have been keen on working hard, developing our products, and improving their quality, so that we can gain the trust of customers.

He says “al-Qurashi’s administration was keen to use the best production standards; by conducting elaborate studies and re-evaluating the materials used.

It take care that they do not have negative effects on human health on the one hand, and on the environment on the other hand; what led to the manufacture of products with international specifications.


The overwhelming success of the family led many to imitate and sell their products; this led to some losses in the company; therefore, the brothers were obliged to launch a team of specialists to monitor these violations and take the necessary legal measures to reduce commercial fraud.

Global reach

 Al Qurashi Perfumes Company has become a pioneer in the Middle East and Europe,

  It has more than 10 thousand fragrance products, and distributed hundreds of millions of bottles filled with the most luxurious types of perfumes.

Al Qurashi now employs more than 4 thousand employees, in more than 400 sales outlets, spread in 48 countries around the world.


Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Company won many awards; Such as: Star Quality Award, European Union Production Quality Award; For offering premium quality perfumes, as well as the World Consumer Academy Award; To acquire the confidence of its customers.

In 2015, the company won an Oscar for the best perfume in a competition held in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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