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Military Solution is the Only Way to End Houthis: Yemeni Defense Minister

The Yemeni Minister of Defense, Lieutenant-General Muhammad al-Maqdashi, said on Saturday, that the only way to deal with the Houthi group is to defeat it militarily.

He accused the armed group of “serving an extraneous agenda and not having a peace decision, but rather being just a tool for Iran.”

According to the Yemeni News Agency, Al-Maqdashi stressed, “The importance of mobilizing efforts and directing them towards confronting this militia and its Iranian project.”

The Yemeni cabinet called on the international community to get out of the state of negativity and lackluster reactions to the Houthi terrorist attacks, which it described as “dangerous” on vital installations, civilian objects, and energy sources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It called for providing full support to the government and the Coalition to Support Legitimacy to eliminate this danger, classifying the Houthi militia as a terrorist group.

 The Coalition to Support Legitimacy to all accompanying measures, says that this “will have a significant impact on the course of the war and the peace process.”

It stressed that these sabotage terrorist attacks by the Houthi militia and those behind them paint the full picture of this rogue group, as a terrorist organization as much as it targets Yemen, its neighbors, the region, and the interests of the world in extremely sensitive circumstances.

The Yemeni cabinet considered the Houthi militia’s rejection of the GCC’s call for dialogue and in response to this launching of Iranian missiles and marches on Saudi cities as “a clear challenge” to the will of the Yemenis and a disregard for their suffering in implementation of Iran’s subversive agenda and project to blackmail the world.

It pointed out that this motivated the strengthening of national unity towards the abort of Iran’s project, the completion of restoring the state, and ending the coup.

The Yemeni Cabinet renewed its welcome to the Gulf Cooperation Council’s call for Yemeni consultations, urging the political and social forces to participate responsibly in these consultations to come up with a road map and a strategic vision that puts everyone in Yemen.

 The coalition is in front of their responsible to continue protecting Yemen from falling into the hands of Iran, until achieving complete victory and ensuring security and stability.

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