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KSrelief Sends 12th Humanitarian Aid Plane to Ukraine

Today, the 12 Saudi relief plane operated by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief (KSrelief) Center departed from Riyadh. It carried 80 tons of relief materials on board.


KSrelief Center Efforts to Support Ukraine

KSrelief has provided aid to Ukraine in the form of humanitarian assistance. It included food, medical supplies, and other essential items. Furthermore, this aid has helped alleviate the suffering of those affected by conflict and displacement in Ukraine. It comes as a part of aid initiatives led by the Kingdom to alleviate the impact of war and disaster on people around the world.

KSrelief Center has also worked with international partners such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to develop strategic alliances in support of Ukrainian refugees.

 Challenges and Cooperation

Ukraine and KSA share friendly relations that have been developing since 1991. It comes in line with Ukraine gaining independence from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). In addition, diplomatic ties between both countries were established in 1992.  As a result,  both countries opened embassies on a reciprocal basis.

However, since 2000, KSA has demonstrated greater interest in strengthening bilateral contacts, predominantly due to the growing significance of a partnership in the agricultural sphere.

The aim of future Ukraine-Saudi cooperation is to provide a solid base for a long-term partnership through engagement in variety of new spheres and fields. Furthermore, Saudi Vision 2030 determines the Kingdom’s main interests in partnership with Ukraine in agricultural sector as well as proceeding other sectors.

Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

The ongoing war continues to have a devastating impact on civilians. The war has killed and displaced many people. In addition, it destroyed the infrastructure of many facilities such as schools and hospitals.

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