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KSA Condemns Israeli’s Announcement Confiscation of land in Palestinian Valley

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the Israeli occupation’s announcement of confiscating 8,000 dunams of land in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied Palestinian territories.

This act is a clear violation of international laws and resolutions and extends the Israeli occupation’s settlement practices.

The Ministry affirmed that KSA believes the ongoing Israeli occupation’s disregard for international law undermines the credibility of the international system. It believes that this action undermines the prospects for a two-state solution. This action further exacerbates tensions in the region by encroaching on land crucial for a viable Palestinian state.

KSA reiterates its call for the immediate halt of Israeli settler violations and the return of confiscated Palestinian lands.

Notably, on March 22nd, Israeli authorities seized around 8,000 dunams of land in the Jordan Valley. The authorities declared that the land is a “state land,” indicating it can now be utilized for developmental projects.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation Kan reported that the land ownership announcement by Israel would allow for the construction of hundreds of settlement housing units. Additionally, it mentioned an area designated for industry and commerce. Finance Minister Israel Katz, who also serves as Minister of Defense within the ministry, oversaw this move.

In response, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry regarded the annexation decision as a crime in the truest sense of the word. It is part of an official policy rushing to annex the West Bank and thwart the Palestinian state.

For many international voices, The Israeli occupation’s announcement of confiscating 8,000 dunams of land in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied Palestinian territories marks a significant escalation. It reflects Israeli settlement expansion and annexation efforts in the West Bank. It represents a direct violation of international law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention. This convention prohibits the occupying power from confiscating or transferring land from the occupied territory for its own benefit.

Additionally the declaration of the seized land as “state land” by Israel indicates its intention to legitimize and intensify its illegal settlement activities. This action also deepens the occupation and entrenches its control over Palestinian territories.

It is worth mentioning that this decision is taken during the the Israeli’s aggression on the Gaza Strip. The war is about to enter its sixth month. Now Gaza is a devastating place and ““uninhabitable” as described by Martin Griffiths,  the U.N. humanitarian chief.

Many international voices called for ceasefire and to put an end for this war. Since the war’s onset, this request went unfulfilled as America vetoed an urgent humanitarian ceasefire call. Last Monday, the Security Council demanded an immediate ceasefire for the final two weeks of Ramadan. This is after the US decided to abstain from the vote.

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