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KSA Believes “Diversity” is Basis of Civilized Development: Al-Mouallami

The Kingdom’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Mouallemi, affirmed that the Kingdom has made at the national level many national efforts that are consistent with its obligations towards the international convention to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.

It reiterated the Kingdom’s assertion that ethnic and cultural diversity is one of the foundations of civilized development in societies.

 This diversity constitutes an important and auxiliary factor for development in all its forms and types. It is not limited to the development of culture alone as long as this diversity helps to develop talents and human creativity in all fields

Al-Mouallemi stressed the importance of reminding the world of the principle of human coexistence that binds us all, and to make our differences and diversity a source of strength.

This came in the Kingdom’s speech that he delivered yesterday virtually during the meeting on the elimination of racism, xenophobia and discrimination for all in the Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals 2021.

He pointed out that the Kingdom presented, on the international level, along with a number of friendly countries, two important decisions that discussed these two issues, namely “promoting a culture of peace and tolerance to protect religious sites” and “International Day of Human Fraternity”.

He stressed that the Kingdom realizes that the difference between nations and peoples is in their beliefs, whereas their cultures are the defining characteristic of people and societies.

Ambassador Al-Mouallemi stated that the Kingdom is aware of the importance of developing a culture of peace between individuals, groups and states, as there is a need to make this culture a possible shield against attacks of extremism, hatred and violence.

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