King Salman Relief Center Implements Various Programs for Yemeni Orphaned Children

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, as part of the “Empowering orphans and strengthening their steadfastness” project, implemented a number of entertainment programs and activities, in addition to distributing cash and educational guarantees, bags and school supplies for Yemeni orphaned children.
The project aims to provide integrative care for orphans and their families through health care insurance, ensuring access to educational services, and alleviating the suffering of orphans by securing the elements of a decent life for them through sponsorship for every orphan, as well as integrating orphans into society, thus benefiting 1,000 orphans.
This comes within the framework of the humanitarian projects presented by the King Salman Relief Center to protect Yemeni orphans, care for them, and improve their living conditions.

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