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King Salman orders that the 11th of March of each year be Flag Day


The king issued a royal decree today stipulating that March 11th of every year be a special day for the flag, under the name Flag Day.


King Salman issued this order based on the value of the flag extending throughout Saudi history since its founding in 1727.


The flag, with the Shahada in the middle, symbolizes to the message of peace and Islam on which KSA was based.


In science, the sword symbolizes strength, pride, the height of wisdom, and status.


For about three centuries, this flag was a witness to the campaigns to unify the country that the Saudi state waged.


Saudis took from the flag a lofty banner of glory that cannot be set back, out of faith in the great importance of the flag.


The flag is a manifestation of the state, its strength, and its sovereignty.

it is a symbol of cohesion, coalition, and national unity.


King Abdulaziz approved the flag on the day of March 11, 1937, to be the official flag.

As a result, that king Salman issued a royal decree to make this day, the flag day

Saudi Flag


The flag of Saudi Arabia, the flag in the Kingdom is a symbol of the ruler and the state.


The Saudi flag is rectangular in shape, its width equals two-thirds of its length, and its color is green.


In the middle of the flag are the two testimonies in the Arabic Thuluth script.


There is also a sword under them parallel to them, its grip directed to the lowest part of the flag.


The two testimonies and the sword were designed in white


The sword indicates rigor in applying justice.


the certificate indicates the rule of Islamic law of the state.


the new flag inherited the same banner that the rulers of Al Saud carried when they spread the call.


The banner at that time was green, made of al-Khaz (weaving) and al-Ibrism (the finest types of silk).

On it was written there is no god but God.



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