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King Salman expresses his condolences to the US President for the victims of Hurricane Ida.

President Biden of the United States has received condolences and compassion from the custodian of the two holy mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the victims of Hurricane Ida.

The King declared: “We’ve learned that many states were impacted by Hurricane Ida’s floodwaters, which resulted in several deaths and significant property damage.

As a result, we send our heartfelt regrets and sympathies to your Excellency and the friendly American people, hoping that you will not suffer any damage.”

More than 40 people have died in the northeastern United States as a result of Hurricane Ida’s catastrophic floods.
A dozen individuals died after being trapped by water in the basements of buildings in New York.

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey also stated that the majority of the 24 individuals killed in his state were trapped in their automobiles as the water level increased.

Murphy acknowledged his “heartbreak” for those who died as a result of the disaster.

Biden and other senior officials have cautioned that the US needs to do a better job of preparing for the climate problem.

“In the face of the hurricane, we are together. The state is willing to assist “Biden made the remarks ahead of a trip to Louisiana on Friday, where Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on structures and knocked out power to more than a million people.

In what was characterized as a “historic climatic event,” flooding triggered by Hurricane Ida forced officials in New York to declare a state of emergency on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
Nearly all subway lines in New York City were closed, non-emergency cars were prohibited, and many planes and trains traveling from New York and New Jersey were halted.

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