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KAUST to launch a research satellite next year

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Spire, announced the launch of the KAUST CubeSat research satellite at the end of 2022.

The launch of this satellite is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, as it is the most technologically advanced, as it benefits from the expertise of Spire.

The satellite will allow KAUST researchers to collect, analyze and use high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface to draw detailed maps of terrestrial environments.

It will also make it possible to monitor the health and condition of vegetation, and to explore coastal and coral reef ecosystems, in addition to a host of other earth and environmental science applications.

The satellite will carry a hyperspectral imaging sensor, which can photograph areas of interest anywhere in the world.

KAUST Climate Initiative Director Matthew McCabe said that this research satellite specializes in collecting high-resolution data for terrestrial, coastal, and ocean ecosystems.

McCabe pointed out that the launch of the satellite is qualitative progress for Saudi Arabia and its great efforts in the field of protecting and restoring ecosystems on land and at sea.

He added that the data provided by this satellite will be very important, especially in providing high-resolution details about the current conditions of the ecosystems in the region.

This data will help support the “Green Saudi Arabia” and “Green Middle East” initiatives.

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