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Israeli warplanes launch a series of raids on sites in Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation aircraft launched on Sunday a series of raids on various sites in the Gaza Strip, destroying it and the property of citizens.

Israeli warplanes bombed, with three missiles, a site east of the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, which led to its destruction and damage to the property of neighboring citizens, without causing any injuries.

F-16 warplanes bombed with six missiles a site on the coastal road west of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, destroying it, setting it on fire, and causing damage to the properties of citizens close to the bombing.

The occupation warplanes raided a site west of Khan Yunis, which led to the destruction of it and the properties of the neighboring citizens.

Last Saturday, Israeli jets struck two sites and agricultural land in the Gaza Strip’s south and center, causing havoc and devastation.

The Israeli military claimed it targeted Hamas installations in Gaza with incendiary balloons that started 20 fires in southern Israel on Tuesday. Hamas is the terrorist group that governs Gaza.

Hamas said the demonstrations were in reaction to an Israeli nationalist march in occupied East Jerusalem.

There were no injuries on any side, and by Wednesday morning, the peace had been restored.

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