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Israeli occupation: Arab Parliament denounces its European counterpart´s silence

Arab and European countries and organizations have taken action condemning Israel’s brutal attacks against the Palestinians and expressing their categorical rejection of Israeli violations, which are a flagrant challenge to international and humanitarian laws, norms, and covenants.

However, the Arab Parliament denounced in the strongest terms the silence of the European Parliament in the face of the crimes and violations taking place in Palestine by the Israeli occupation. In a statement, it expressed the European Parliament’s silence, and failure to address the Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied territories is unaccepted.

The unpleasant surprise at the European Parliament comes when the brutal killing of innocent Palestinian people reflects on the human rights situation in Arab countries. The Arab Parliament renewed its strong condemnation and denunciation of Israel’s brutal attacks against the Palestinians, calling on the UN Security Council to immediately act to stop Israel’s aggression and put an end to all violations of the Israeli occupation. It will hold its emergency session, scheduled for 19 May 2021, to discuss the bloody events and Israeli attacks in Palestine, especially in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

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