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Houthis militia represents a threat to civilians: Saudi Foreign Minister

 Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan emphasized that peace remains the top goal in Yemen. He also stated that the Houthis have responsibility for the devastation.

During a joint press conference with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberg in Riyadh yesterday, he added that the Kingdom will not hesitate to strike any Houthi targets, emphasizing that the militia poses a threat to civilian facilities such as Abha International Airport and the Dammam region.

He went on to say that Riyadh had proposed a complete cease-fire in Yemen, but that the terrorist militia had ignored it and continued to endanger people.

He also stated the kingdom’s unequivocal opposition to the Houthi militia’s exploitation of Yemeni civilians as captives.

He also stated that the Kingdom is a partner in the battle against terrorism and that it would continue to collaborate with its friends in this area.

In a related context, the Saudi minister stated that Iran has failed to adhere to the nuclear deal.

He emphasized his country’s commitment to international measures aimed at preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

It’s worth mentioning that the Kingdom submitted a statement to the UN Security Council last week in response to the Houthi group’s recent attack on the eastern area, Jizan, and Najran, emphasizing that the Houthi attacks thwart efforts to establish regional stability and world peace.

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