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 Haramain General Presidency announces the readiness of the Grand Mosque to receive worshippers during Ramadan’s last 10 days  

The General Presidency for the affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque (General Presidency of Haramain), represented by the Third Saudi Expansion Agency, announced the readiness of the third Saudi expansion of the Grand Mosque to receive worshippers during the last ten days of Ramadan through a system of field, engineering and technical services, and the implementation of works according to operational plans and human cadres of engineers, technicians, observers, and labor. They work around the clock for the comfort and safety of Grand Mosque visitors.

Field service plans were implemented in all expansion building roles. The squares were prepared from all pillars and passages for those coming from the Jarwal tunnels and Jabal Al-Kaaba, according to the plans prepared for the last ten days of Ramadan, in addition to intensifying cleaning and perfuming operations around the clock and ensuring Zamzam water drinkers operation and securing containers.

The doors were also equipped, carpets were secured in all chapels, attention was paid to all engineering and technical aspects of the third Saudi expansion, the operation of elevators and escalators, the operation of the air conditioning system according to standards that take into account air temperatures and air purity, in addition to the operation of the internal and external lighting system, all sound systems and their effectiveness, and the preparation of entrances and exits.

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