Hail’s Prince Honors Top Student in Kufi Script

Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Hail, has honored Basal Al Shehail for his exemplary skills in the Kufi script. Al Shehail scooped the first place in the gold category for “Kufi script” at the Kingdom level.

This success came at the Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Decoration Olympiad. This notable event was organized in the Qassim region.

Prince’s Commendation

During a special reception in his office, the Prince expressed admiration for the educational progress in the Kingdom, particularly in areas like the Kufi script. He emphasized how achievements in disciplines reflect the wise leadership’s commitment to education. Moreover, the Prince noted that advancements in areas including the Kufi script have enabled the Kingdom to compete globally.

Celebrating Student Achievement

In his address, the Prince personally congratulated Al Shehail for his outstanding achievement in the Kufi script. He extended his best wishes not only to Al Shehail but to all students striving for excellence in various fields, including the Kufi script. Additionally, the Prince underscored the importance of collaborations between governmental bodies and private organizations in supporting educational endeavors.

Expressing Gratitude, Setting Future Goals

Dr. Monther bin Abdullah Al Blihed, the regional Director of Education, expressed his gratitude to the Prince for supporting disciplines like the Kufi script. He also highlighted the Prince’s role in achieving educational milestones. Dr. Al Blihed reiterated the commitment to enhancing education quality, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and fostering talents in  the region.

Acknowledging Broader Contributions

In conclusion, the ceremony ended with Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad extending his appreciation to Salman Al Sulaimi. As a supporter of educational initiatives in Hail, Al Sulaimi’s contributions have bolstered programs, including Kufi script. This acknowledgment highlights the private sector’s role in advancing educational goals.

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