Glimpse into Wonders of Ramadan Season

In the heart of Riyadh’s Thumairi district, generations come together to enjoy unique experiences in Ramadan season, reviving heritage customs and traditions with a spirit of innovation. From delectable cuisines to cultural and entertainment events, every corner awaits with a new story embodying the beauty and spirituality of Ramadan.

Ramadan Season

Akhbar24 was present at the second edition of the Ramadan season under the theme ‘Lighting Our Nights’. It was organized by the Ministry of Culture in several cities across the Kingdom. The program encompasses a comprehensive cultural agenda that celebrates the historical cultural heritage associated with this blessed month.

Zones of Ramadan Season

Visitors begin their journey at the “Observatory” area, where they embark on a journey during the night, with stories unfolding under the stars. It offers the opportunity to observe the crescent moon and explore the moon’s phases throughout the holy month.

Next is the “Art Beacon” zone, which highlights traditional crafts. There is also a zone that tells the story of collecting the Holy Qur’an and the Kingdom’s efforts in preserving it. It features experiences in restoring, decorating, and binding the Qur’an.

Furthermore, the “Light Imprint” area solidifies the values of benevolence and generosity, allowing visitors to experience a social spiritual journey through purchasing gifts.

Moreover, in the “Flavors from Our Regions” area, the aroma of traditional dishes fills the air. The kitchen becomes a vibrant creative workshop painting Ramadan’s culinary delights with spirituality. In the “Exhibition of Light,” moments of contemplation and inspiration are experienced through an artistic language depicting Ramadan’s details around the world.

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