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GCC Countries Assert Commitment to Human Rights at UN Meeting

Al-Budaiwi: GCC countries Approve Many Regulations to Preserve Human Rights

At the 55th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Jassim Al-Budaiwi, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), highlighted the council’s commitment to human rights.

He stated that the GCC countries have adopted numerous decisions, laws, and unified regulations to protect human rights. This demonstrates their commitment to human rights and dignity, aligning with regional and international norms.

GCC’s International Role & Initiatives

Al-Budaiwi highlighted the GCC’s commitment to the principles of international law, inspired by humane values derived from Islam. The council continues to strengthen and protect human rights, supporting the international community. Moreover, they aim to reinforce human rights and solidify their leadership role in global efforts to promote dignity, justice, and equality. A key example is the Gulf Cooperation Council leaders’ adoption of rules against domestic violence and exploitation at their last summit in Qatar.

10th Anniversary of GCC Human Rights Declaration

The GCC celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Human Rights Declaration, adopted in 2014. This anniversary reaffirms the council’s commitment to human rights, embodying their unique religious, social, and cultural values. Additionally, the adoption of the GCC Human Rights Strategy for 2023-2026 marks a milestone in enhancing and protecting human rights, emphasizing regional and international cooperation.

Legislative & Institutional Development

The continuous development of legislative and institutional frameworks within the GCC reflects a commitment to protecting human rights at all levels. This includes rights for women, children, youth, those with special needs, and the elderly, highlighting the family’s importance in society.

 Stance on Palestinian Issue

Furthermore, Al-Budaiwi addressed the plight of the Palestinian people, condemning the blatant violations committed by the Israeli occupation against them. The GCC firmly supports the Palestinian people, demanding a ceasefire and humanitarian aid to ease civilian suffering.

Call for International Responsibility

Besides, the GCC calls on the international community to protect the Palestinian people and uphold international humanitarian law and principles, advocating for ending the Israeli occupation. It calls for a sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, East Jerusalem as the capital, and upholding refugee rights as per international resolutions.

Addressing Islamophobia & Promoting Tolerance

Al-Budaiwi expressed concern over the rise of Islamophobia and hate speech, calling for international efforts to counter this dangerous phenomenon. Moreover, he advocated for a culture of tolerance, constructive dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and respect for diverse opinions.

GCC’s Role in International Solidarity

Finally, Al-Budaiwi reaffirmed the GCC’s essential role in international solidarity and cooperation. Committed to multilateralism and dialogue, the GCC is ready to contribute to dignity, equality, and justice in the human rights system.

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