Flynas Aircraft Veers off Runway at King Khalid International Airport

King Khalid International Airport reported on Monday that a Flynas aircraft, flight XY224 from Doha, veered off the main runway during its landing.

In an official statement, the airport stated that the plane, owned by Flynas company, was heading to Riyadh, set to land at King Khalid International Airport at 7:34 pm on April 28.

The statement explained that “the plane has deviated and exited the main runway and entered the adjacent land corridor, crossing the dirt buffer zone.”

After ensuring the safety of all people on board, the plane headed to its designated parking area, where the passengers landed without any harm.

Upon the arrival, the airport management swung into action and conducted health checks on all the passengers and assured that there were no injuries.

King Khalid International Airport officially announced that the authorities are completing the obligatory legal procedures regarding the incident.

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