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First Round of Presidential Elections Puts Biden in The Front

The preliminary results of the US elections indicate the intensification of the competition between “Trump” and “Biden in the first round of the presidential elections,” with the first progressing in the southern and midwestern states. The second is ahead in the North Coast states and won in the three West Coast states.

Biden in the front

According to the statistics of “Associated Business,” “Biden” is ahead by 264 votes to 214 votes for “Trump”.

According to “Fox News,” the preliminary results count indicates that Biden is ahead by 264 votes against 214 votes for “Trump” from the electoral college in the first round of the presidential elections.

While the “CNN” statistics indicate that he is “Biden,” leading 253 votes against 213 votes for “Trump.”

It is noteworthy that a candidate needs 270 votes out of 538 to win the elections.

US votes
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