Fanwanees 7 Provides Business Opportunities for Productive Families

The demand from visitors and people of Makkah for the “Fanwanees 7” event, which was launched last week, is increasing as it had a positive impact on the pavilions of productive families, small projects and entrepreneurs.

It is worthy to note that the event focuses on empowering productive families, supporting their projects, and developing industries and handicrafts. The event is collaborating with the Makkah Chamber Center.

Since its first edition in 2018, the organizers of the event are also planning to provide sales outlets at competitive prices, marketing services and media coverage for small projects and productive families. It also seeks to enhance opportunities to meet customers.

Additionally, the Productive Families Center provides hospitality and coordination in the VIP area throughout the duration of the events. The centre aims to display the products of small projects that have been able to develop their scopes of work from productive families to small business scopes by providing high quality products.

The products of productive families at this year’s Fawanees exhibition varied between fashion, textile, food, perfume and soap projects whose scents were inspired by Arab and Islamic cultures. The exhibition also included a number of projects that invest in the artistic and heritage aspect, such as sculpture, pottery making and souvenir making.

These activities include interactive games, an entertainment area for children, and the “Ramadan Market” area. The area includes more than 130 exhibitors selected based on excellence and quality to display various products and services.

Also, the “Masiha” exhibition transports visitors to an exciting cultural journey through time, through a tour of the possessions of King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, may God have mercy on him. The tour continues in Al Mamsha area that was introduced this season; it includes several activities and live performances to reflect the Ramadan atmosphere in all its details. .

Furthermore, the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Dr. Turki Al-Amro, pointed out the comprehensiveness of the “Fanwanees 7” event, and its endeavor to promote many social and economic development trends. He added that the event is not limited to creating entertainment, but rather providing an effective space of opportunities for productive families and small projects to raise sales and expand the scope of business. It also facilitates the meeting of a larger segment of customers and understanding their needs.

He added that economic and commercial development must include a comprehensive movement at all levels of projects, starting with productive family projects and ending with giant investment projects. He further pointed out that the Makkah Chamber will continue to provide everything that will enhance the rotation of the wheel of business and community development as well as serving the Kingdom in general and Makkah Al-Mukarramah in particular.

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