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Exhibition at Prophet’s Mosque Welcomes Visitors Interested in Heritage

The exhibition at the Prophet’s Mosque is welcoming visitors interested in delving deeper into the rich architectural heritage of the mosque. It is located south of the mosque covering an area of 2,200 square meters, reported Saudi Gazette.

Prophet’s Mosque

The exhibition at the Prophet’s Mosque has enriched visitors’ cognitive experience and inform them about its architectural marvels.

It meticulously showcases its architectural splendors. Employing modern technologies and interactive screens, it captivates visitors by offering insights into the mosque’s architectural intricacies. Furthermore, television screens and a cinema hall provide informative documentaries and presentations.

Hall of Treasures at Prophet’s Mosque

Within the exhibition, there exists a dedicated hall housing an impressive array of rare treasures and historical artifacts sourced from the sacred sites. Moreover, this hall serves as a repository for some of the most invaluable and scarce items from the ‘Haramain Sharifain’ and ancient archaeological discoveries.

Highlighting Architectural Landmarks

Visitors can see the iconic architectural landmarks that define the Prophet’s Mosque. Moreover, these landmarks contain grand pulpit and ornate mihrab to the majestic domes, intricate canopies, imposing doors and enchanting lanterns.

Fulfilling Vision 2030 Objectives

Finally, aligned with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, the exhibition aims to elevate visitor experiences and services available at the Prophet’s Mosque. It also contributes to the cultural enrichment and heritage preservation efforts of the Kingdom

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