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Egypt publishes good news about Corona injuries this week

By Marwa Mahmoud

Egypt has witnessed a decrease in the number of people infected with the new Corona virus, compared to the increase witnessed by the countries of the world.

 Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed, said that Egypt witnessed a decrease in the number of injured people this week by 8.75 percent compared to last week, compared to many other countries.

The minister touched upon the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, for Egypt’s position on participating in clinical research for corona virus vaccine emerging.

During a cabinet meeting she explained that Egypt is actively participating in the international clinical trial of “solidarity” launched by the World Health Organization

The minister said that is aiming to help in finding a successful treatment for “Covid-19” disease, and improves chances of survival.

She pointed out that the “solidarity” experience is based on comparing treatment experiences, levels of care, and evaluating the effectiveness of treating Covid-19 by involving patients from multiple countries.

The Health Minister also confirmed that the application of social distancing rules remains a major and effective guarantee in reducing the risk of infection with the emerging corona virus.

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