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Edelman Index shows Saudis’ confidence in their institutions

Saudi Arabia's fifth housing and population census starts

According to Edelman Consulting and Public Relations’ “Trust Index 2022,” Saudi society has a high level of trust in the four main institutions in the Kingdom: government, business, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the media.

The report, which includes the views of 36,000 people from 28 nations, 73 percent of those surveyed in Saudi Arabia believe they and their families will have a better life in the next five years.

The survey also showed that the confidence index in the Saudi government is still high, at the level of 82%, and is the highest among other institutions in the Kingdom.

While the global rate of trust in governments decreased to 53%, according to the total opinions of participants from the countries under study.

In the business sector, a large number of participants see the role of CEOs in transformation and change as significant.

85% of Saudi respondents focused on the role of CEOs in addressing societal issues and discussing issues of public concern.

75% of the participants stated that they buy products and services or choose their workplace or investments based on the extent to which the companies’ businesses and activities are compatible with their principles and values.

In terms of the media and its projected function, the Edelman index revealed that Saudis have more trust in the media and journalists than the global average.

However, it also indicated an increase in concern about false or false news by 18%.

The report showed a discrepancy in the percentage of trust between low- and high-income earners, as the percentage of trust of low-income earners was 47%, while the percentage of trust of high-income earners was 62%.

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