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Design competition launches between “Ithraa” and “Saudi Airlines”

Design competition launches between "Ithraa" and "Saudi Airlines"
Design competition launches between "Ithraa" and "Saudi Airlines"

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithraa), in partnership with Saudi Airlines, is holding a competition for designers to have the opportunity to reach the best design for the logo that will be implemented on the external structure of a Saudi Airlines aircraft.

They stressed the need for perfection and avoidance of distraction in the design; to reach the design of the competition’s logo, titled “#InspireYourWorld”.

They focused on means of selection before starting the experiments to embody more surprising and flexible design solutions with ease of implementation.

Jury members said that focusing on the design idea is the first step to starting implementation, provided that this is closely related to one of the concepts in the approved competition guide.

Manual or electronic materials

Jury members also clarified that there are other criteria concerned with perfecting the design, such as translating the meanings of the idea visually, starting to draw it, and extracting it to ensure the details and technical aspects, such as the accuracy of writing and the integrity of the files.

The Used Measurements.

 A jury member advised the participants to use many experiments to be among the options in designs and choose materials, whether manual or electronic, before choosing the visual language.

Suleiman Al-Fulaij jury member affirms that the simplicity of the design and the ease of understanding it means that lead to unique participation that will soar in the sky.

The winning design will decorate one of the aircraft of Saudi Airlines

Ammar Al-Abdali, the jury member, stressed the importance of sensing the value of the opportunity offered through this competition to inspire the world.

 the winning design will adorn one of the Saudi Airlines aircraft, which will fly around the world.

It must be taken into account that the design is understandable and takes into account all cultural differences, and is in line with the identity of “Saudi Arabia”.

It is worth noting that the door for participation is open until mid-August of this year, provided that the design is inspired by the slogan “#InspireYourWorld”.

 A guide for the competition and criteria for judging was adopted, under the supervision of specialized committees in the design arts

The design will be implemented on the external structure of a Saudi Airlines aircraft in November of this year.

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