Consumer Protection Association Honors Supporters

In Riyadh, the Consumer Protection Association is preparing to recognize significant contributors to consumer rights. This ceremony aligns with the global celebration of World Consumer Rights Day, according to Saudi Press Agency.

Celebratory Award Ceremony

Scheduled for the upcoming day, the ceremony aims to acknowledge the efforts of supportive individuals and organizations. Their contributions have been pivotal in advancing the association’s mission.

Commitment to Consumer Rights

Dr. Nasser Fahd Bin Dehim, the association’s executive director, highlighted Saudi Arabia’s dedication to consumer protection. The Kingdom has implemented various regulations regarding e-commerce, privacy, and consumer data protection. Furthermore, these efforts showcase the country’s commitment to safeguarding consumers against misleading advertisements, electronic fraud, and ensuring easy access to essential goods and services.

Innovative Education Initiative

In conjunction with World Consumer Rights Day, the Consumer Protection Academy was introduced. This online educational platform is designed to educate consumers and corporate entities. It also provides concise training programs, concluding with certifications. Moreover, these programs aim to enhance understanding of consumer rights and promote exceptional consumer experiences in the marketplace.

Acknowledging Positive Contributions

This year’s award ceremony will emphasize the beneficial effects of commitment to consumer rights, particularly within the private sector. Additionally, the introduction of compliance certificates serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts to uphold high standards in consumer protection. These certificates are awarded to those demonstrating adherence to best practices in consumer rights, thereby fostering a trustworthy business environment.

Finally, the ceremony and the launch of the Consumer Protection Academy signify strides towards a more informed and protected consumer base. These initiatives reflect a collective endeavor to elevate consumer rights and experiences across the Kingdom, reinforcing the importance of consumer protection in today’s digital and global marketplace.

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