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Coalition Forces targets a secret site of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Sanaa

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen said that it had targeted a secret facility within Sanaa for Iranian Revolutionary Guards experts Tuesday.

The coalition said that it had destroyed “a site for collecting and storing ballistic missiles inside the capital, Sana’a,” as well as “workshops for assembling ballistic missiles at Al-Daylami base linked to Sana’a airport.”

The alliance confirmed that it had taken “preventive efforts to avoid incidental harm to individuals and civilian items.”

The coalition had also declared earlier on Monday night that it had carried out air attacks in Sanaa on “legitimate military targets” connected to the Houthi group.

Sanaa airport, according to the coalition, has become a military camp for the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah expertise. It noted that the militia conducts cross-border strikes from areas with legal impunity.

The coalition said it will target particular targets at the Al-Daylami facility, which is connected to Sanaa airport. “At Al-Daylami base, we destroyed facilities for assembling and improvising drones, as well as underground ballistic missile launchers linked to Sana’a airport,” It claimed.

The coalition said that it had “monitored hostile movements and operations of the Houthi militia at Sana’a International Airport.”
“The use of Sanaa airport as a military base is a flagrant breach of international humanitarian law,” It added.

In a related update, the coalition said that it had hit 15 militia targets in Marib and Al-Jawf in less than 24 hours.
According to the coalition, the targeting in Marib and Al-Jawf destroyed 12 vehicles and the deaths of more than 85 terrorist militia members.

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