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Captain drowns after refusing to abandon sinking ship in Egypt

Captain Yousry Sultan died after he refused to leave an oil service ship that sank off Ras Ghareb in the Egyptian Red Sea Governorate as a result of its collision with a boat at the bottom of the sea.

Rescue teams managed to rescue 11 crew members. The Red Sea authorities in Egypt continue their efforts to search for a missing engineer, Adel Nassar. 

What happened

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Red Sea Operations Room received a report that an oil service ship had sunk.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the oil service ship called Inspecta 7 sank due to colliding with a boat at the bottom of the sea, in the early hours of this morning, off the coast of Ras Ghareb. 

The concerned Red Sea authorities and the Ras Gharib City Council, in conjunction with several petroleum companies operating in the region, pushed many marine vessels to the location of the incident to search for the missing engineer, and the authorities are still investigating the accident.

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