Al-Salami Honors Digital Transformation Team for Winning Second Place

The President of King Khalid University, Dr. Falah bin Raja Al-Salami honored the digital transformation team for winning second place among educational institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This achievement was announced at the Digital Government Summit’s second edition under the theme “Our Future Now”. It is organized by the Digital Government Authority.

Dr. Al-Salami highlighted the university’s second-place ranking in the 2023 Government Digital Transformation Index among 36 educational institutions.

This accomplishment was attained by its exceptional performance, effective electronic systems, digital content, and seamless integration of digital services.


 Al-Salami Announcements about Digital Transformation

Notably, Al-Salami stated that one of the most crucial factors for progress in the current era is digital transformation.

He emphasized that the university, with all its national staff, is working together to harness technology to enhance the university environment.

Additionally, Al-Salami said that the university aims to maximize full integration of all systems to offer a unique digital experience.


Al- Salami Talks about University’s Efforts in Digital Transformation

Dr. Al-Salami added that the university is working on:

  • Governing platforms, projects, and technical standards to achieve operational efficiency and spending
  • Activate an effective governance framework for digital transformation within the university
  • Reengineering procedures and processes and automating them to achieve the strategic objectives of the university


Al-Qahtani’s Talks about University’s Achievement

The Dean of Electronic Services, Dr. Hamid bin Saleh Al-Qahtani, emphasized that this achievement marks the university’s success in meeting Vision 2030 goals.

Moreover, he highlighted that the university has achieved advanced positions in the education and training sector.


Digital Transformation Team Contributes to Achieving university’s targets for 2024

Dr. Al-Qahtani clarified that the Digital Transformation Team is currently working on achieving the university’s targets for 2024 including:

  • Governance of e-learning
  • Ensuring the quality of e-education
  • Developing high-quality curricula
  • Creating flexible and quality e-learning paths, and remote learning programs that align with market requirements
  • Digital content efficiency
  • Adopting emerging technologies
  • Governance of transactions educational software


Visual Presentation Shows Achievements of Dean of Electronic Services

Subsequently, everyone saw a video that showcased the Dean of Electronic Services’ most notable accomplishments for the year 2023.

These achievements include:

  • Winning the Excellence Award for Community Participation in E-Learning
  • ISO certification for business continuity to enhance digital security
  • The Innovation Award in E-Learning
  • Enrichment of Open Educational Resources
  • Human Capacity Development


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