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Meet a Woman who is living in water for 20 years

A strange story that you may not have heard of before, as an Indian woman preferred to live underwater 20 years ago to treat her joint pain, which the people of her village described as a “crazy and witchcraft” woman, but medical studies have another opinion.

The story details that a woman named “Batorani Hosh” lives in the Bardman region in western India, and enjoyed a normal life like the rest of the people of her village. She had a serious disease in her joints that made her bedridden, and after doctors were unable to treat her, she decided to go down to a lake near her house by chance.

Inside the water, the Indian woman discovered that the water relieved her pain, as she decided to live in the lake until the end of her life, which prompted the people of her village to describe her as a “madman and a witch”, especially since she did not eat much and her only meal was to eat a plate of rice twice a month only.

Baturani stays in the water for 12 to 14 hours a day and only comes out of it to sleep, and she has been this way for 20 years, and the strange story of the Indian lady prompted many to visit the lake and learn about it and discover its secrets.

A Brazilian study issued in 2018, about what happens to the body if it remains for long hours in the water, revealed that treatment with moderate temperature water exercises helps to get rid of the severity of joint pain and improves physical function after a period ranging from 8 weeks to 3 months.

In another study, staying for a long time in the water causes wrinkles in the fingers and toes and stimulates the reactions of the nervous system to facilitate grasping things.

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