A review on the past of the Future Investment Initiatives

The fifth edition of the Future Investment Initiative provides a detailed review of what has been accomplished over the last five years.

When the initial iteration of the Future Investment Initiative was launched in 2017, a big announcement was made about the city of “NEOM,” which is the future metropolis that is currently being created.

In 2018, the event turned into a platform for signing deals and memoranda of understanding worth more than $60 billion, focusing on the energy field under the umbrella of the Saudi oil giant “Aramco”.

The initiative was called “Davos in the Desert” in 2019 and was one of the three largest gatherings of entrepreneurs and bankers in the world.

Due to the Corona pandemic and the changes it imposed in light of the precautionary measures, the event was postponed in 2020 to be held early this year in January, with limited personal attendance,

Regardless of the circumstances in 2020, the event was held in some foreign cities, including Hong Kong, New York, and London.

This year’s edition is expected to witness new announcements regarding updates on the “NEOM” project, five years after its launch.

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