A New Destination in Najran

King Fahd National Park in the “Sakam” forest in Najran is one of the picturesque parks in the Kingdom, which one can have enjoyable times.

The park is located within a forest that will be set up in the southern sector of the city of Najran, and has an area of about 4 million square meters, and contains green spaces and roses, along with trees of sugar and Sidr and other trees planted by the region’s secretariat.

The park’s atmosphere in the current period is characterized by low temperatures, due to the passage of the region in a rainy condition expected to continue during the next week, which encourages many visitors to come to it in the current days.

Besides enjoying the green nature atmosphere, visitors to the park can enjoy sports, such as hiking or cycling, and there are many different game groups for children and young people.

The Amana of Najran is keen on implementing preventive measures and protocols for the safe return in the park and has also maintained water fountains, walkways, lighting poles, and game complexes throughout the park.

The Secretariat has increased the area of green spaces in it, by planting 3000 square meters of natural grass in the new surface.

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