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Kuwait film wins two awards at Delhi International Film Festival

Kuwait film “Serb Al-Hamam” (Swarm Of Doves) won two awards at Delhi International Film Festival in India. The film, directed by, Ramadan Khesroh, won the awards of best director and best picture at the festival, competing with other 20 films from across the Middle East.

The film starring prominenet Kuwaiti superstar Dawood Hussien, along young actor and singer Bashar Al-Shaty.

“Serb Al-Hamam” takes its audience back in time to early 90s when Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait. The film features a group of Kuwaitis in their daily battles against the invader in an attempt to chronicle the sacrifices Kuwaitis did for the sake of their nation’s liberalization.

Earlier this year, the film participated in 39th Cairo International Film Festival.

Khesroh announced that the visual effects used in the film are the first to be used in any Kuwait films, assuring that he worked on them with the help of French staff.

Staff underwent three months of heavy training, according to the director, in order to reach the performance which led the film to international festivals.

He also dedicated the award to Shika Intesar Salem Al-Subah for her support from the very beginning.

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