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Remains of Two Ancient Fortresses Discovered in Egypt

As Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities promised earlier this year, that 2017 will be the year of discoveries, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced discovering two fortresses on the hands of an Egyptian – Italian archeological mission working for  National Research Council of Italy – Institute of Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CNR) in collaboration with the ministry.

The fortresses were found inin Tell el- Maskhuta area in Wadi al-Tamilat, 15 km west of the city of Ismailia.

They are believed to date back to Late Period, and their architecture indicate they were built for military purposes.

Head of the Italian mission,GiuseppinaCapriottiVittozzi, said that “the fortresses were built on the ruins of layers from the Hyksos era (Second Intermediate Period) and dated to the 26th Dynasty.”

The height of one of the fortress reaches at least 7 m and the wall of the eastern castle is about 12 m wide and 4 m deep, according to a press release published by the ministry.

An Egyptian member of the mission assured that the castles were built for military usage explaining that “walls of the fortresses are built of mud bricks and are supported by defensive towers as the usual planning of military castles.”

He added that the mission will prepare a project to revive the history of the area and its monuments and to conservation the walls of the discovered caslte which protected the entrance to the delta, as well as the completion of excavation work, which is expected to discover more about the site.

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