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Charity has Now a Wall not an Institution

On the wall of kindness in Beirut, Lebanon it is said:  Let us take and give 

A group of anonymous individuals from diverse backgrounds, brought a little Kindness to Beirut.  The project is for the people, by the people. The Wall of Kindness is a simple structure inviting the public to donate items they no longer need and take only items they do need. It is a means to de-institutionalize charity and reignite our faith in humanity.

The first Wall of Kindness was located in Sodeco along the historic Green Line of Beirut city.

The organizers say: it is an ode to our prevailing unity and strength as Lebanese and a nod to our turbulent history, so that we may never forget it.

Clothing, shoes, toys, and non-perishable canned foods can be packed in bags and hung on the Wall of Kindness. The Wall will have a logo in Arabic  that says “Let us take and give” along with  few simple instructions. The idea is to give what you do not need and take only what you need.

Join the Kindness Movement.

We need to reach as many people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. Those who will give, those who will take and those who will give and take at the same time. We would appreciate any and all media coverage, but above all, we ask you to join our Kindness Movement and document your experience. We hope this will be a great success and a testament to the overwhelming empathy and kindness that the Lebanese people have.

Origins of The Wall of Kindness:
In several Asian countries Lahore, Chengdu to Hyderabad, Kuwait to Dubai, the Wall of Kindness has succeeded in one city after another. Usually set up by anonymous individuals, many of these walls have developed into community hubs. Individuals meet to exchange not only goods but also support. In some cases, the walls have extended to free medical assistance and even public fridges filled with food and drinks.

Yes indeed, Charity doesn’t have to be institutionalized anymore but just a wall to   take and give.

A Report of Leaders MENA Team

Photos: Courtesy of Wall of Kindness Facebook page

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